Tried out my new purchases..


Today brought my new Oriflame purchases to my door 😀 If you’d like to order any of the products featured here, contact me via my Facebook Page. If you’re not on Facebook, leave a comment here 😀

2016-03-03 13.40.11

I took advantage of the 2 for £3.95 offer last week and splurged out on a new lippie, mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

For donkeys years I have stuck with mostly earthy brown colours, so I decided to be brave and chance a whole new colour for me.

I decided on the Copper Plum eyeshadow, warm fuchsia lipstick and the electric purple eye pencil. I don’t have a plum lip liner so I used the lighter end of the eyeliner as a lipliner and quite liked how it looked 😀

2016-03-03 13.40.39
I finished off using the plumping lip balm that I bought last month.
The Fat Lash mascara impressed me too. The brush is quite stiff but this was good in my opinion as it separated my lashes quite nicely.

2016-03-03 13.39.32



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