Just a quick catch up!

Good morning one and all 😀
Sorry I’ve not been around the past couple of days 😦 my lil miss has had a temperature that’s had her fussy and irritable and clingy. It seems to have finally settled although she still has a headcold.

Anyhow, hope today finds you all well and happy 😀 The sun is out, which is great as the weather has been so miserable lately.

Here’s what’s happening over on my Facebook:
Come and join my group to see the bargains and offers that are available this month 😀
There’s a raffle running to win a pamper pack – £3 a number, no payments to be made until ALL numbers are sold. Only 17 numbers left!

Next week will be the last week to grab the 2 for £3.95 products. I snagged some and I’m very impressed with the quality and the colours 😀
There’s a few products at special introductory offers, so have a look and see if you fancy treating yourself 😀

I also managed to get myself a freebie last month – Women’s Collection Innocent White Lilac Eau De Toilette 😀 I LOVE this perfume (not just coz it was a freebie :p ) It’s lovely and subtle and doesn’t aggravate my asthma like a lot of perfumes can do. This has become my most worn daytime scent!



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