Once upon a time….

In the early 1900’s, cosmetics were not all that popular, so much so that cosmetics could not be bought in department stores. The rich people often used to decorate their face with real paint. A practice that was considered very dangerous as the paint often contained Arsenic as the main ingredient.Rouge was considered to be very provocative so only “Women of the night” wore it.

In and around 1910 colour cosmetics started to become popular in Paris, when the Russian Ballet arrived with their shades of ochers and crimson.

The Second World War (1939 – 1945) saw a shortage in cosmetic supplies. Once the war ended, there was a massive boom in cosmetic sales and it was during this time that cosmetic products were given fantasy names such as “lantern red” and “sea coral.”

During the 1960’s and 1970’s Feminism influenced a lot of women into not wearing cosmetics. At some point during the 1970’s, the division between the natural day look and the more sultry night look came about.

Fast forward to the present and cosmetics are more than just a way of “painting” your face. Makeup artists can and do create works of art using cosmetics amd accessories. From gorgeous eyes to amazing face painting, some of these works of art are astounding!

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